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I am thrilled that everyone who wears my jewelry knows they are getting boho chic designs that encourage spirited women to confidently embrace who they are and express their uniqueness.

Before I created Endless Possibilities, I had always been a trend watcher.  I watched women scurry to buy “the look” that magazines and fashion designers decided would be the next great thing and everyone needed to wear it to be “on trend”. Women everywhere were showing up at work, family gatherings, church and social events wearing the same exact necklace or pair of earrings awkwardly complimenting each other on their taste in fashion or jokingly saying that they were “twinning” for the day.

Then one day…..

I decided that I could design and create jewelry that offers trend qualities with a twist.  Designs that would include a tassel or geometric shape but would be unique enough that confident women could separate themselves from the ordinary and express their unique personalities, qualities and style.

I was concerned that…..

women wouldn’t want to pay a little extra just to express their uniqueness; and if they did, were there really that many women out there that would want to make a personality statement wearing handmade jewelry.

But then…..

I decided that I could build an email list of interested women and offer discounts and special offers that would rival those of high end retailers.  Provide customer service that isn’t offered by a person standing behind a counter in a store.  Ask women what they want when designing my next line.  But most importantly, give women an “on trend” alternative and the confidence to know they won’t show up at the next social gathering wearing the same necklace that 5 other women are wearing.

I set out to create…..

the most unique, statement making boho chic jewelry for the most spirited women looking to express their personalities.

It turns out…..

the road was more difficult than I imagined. A divorce, single motherhood to a teenage boy and a full time job didn’t leave much time or energy to create.  Money was and is tight, but I realized that designing and creating jewelry was “me time”.  When creating, I’m not a mom, a daughter, an ex-wife or a sister, I’m a designer.

Through it all…..

 I am someone who always wanted to be “different and unique” in some way when it comes to my style.  I always say it’s my red hair and my sassy, sarcastic personality;  but whatever it is, it’s me and I’m unique. It’s who I am and I know there are other women out there who also strive to express themselves in a unique and confident way thru their style.

It is my hope….. 

that whoever you are, you embrace what makes you unique and celebrate it.  Life is hard enough without trying to be someone that you’re not.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss


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